Reflective Cool Roofing Installation

You can save money on your energy bills by purchasing cool roofing in San Antonio, TX. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are soaked up by most commercial roofing products. When the roof gets too warm, the heat passes into the interior of the building. A cool roof won’t absorb the ultraviolet rays from the sun. This will minimize the temperature of the roof, which lowers the climate inside the building, minimizing your energy costs. For more information regarding cool roofs, contact San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc. at (210) 390-0416. We offer many different styles of cool roof materials and are always willing to answer any questions you might have regarding these innovative roofing solutions.

Reasons to Choose a Cool Roof

Cool Roofs Are Both Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient.

There are many advantages in addition to energy savings that can come from purchasing a cool roof system. A cool roof does not need to be replaced as often as traditional roof materials, which means it can save you money on roof services. As a roof absorbs the UV rays from the sun, it damages the material. Over time this can wear down your roof and you will have to get it restored. Due to the fact that cool roof materials reflect rather than soak up the UV rays from the sun, they aren’t damaged by the sun and will last significantly longer than traditional roofing products. Your cooling units will also work more efficiently once you have purchased a cool roof. Getting a cool roof decreases the temperature of your building, which means your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep the building at a pleasant temperature. This decreases the chances of your air conditioning units needing major repairs or replacement. Lastly, cool roofing is also environmentally friendly since it decreases the emissions coming from the building HVAC systems. The most common types of cool roofs are foam, green, and various types of single ply roofs and roof coatings as they do not create much waste and are highly reflective.

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If you need additional information regarding the advantages of installing a cool roof in San Antonio, TX, contact San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc.. We only work with the number one roofing manufacturers to ensure our customers have the most reliable cool roof products available. Our office stands behind our craftsmanship and we promise that after we complete your installation on your building, you will not have to worry about your roof anymore. Contact our office at (210) 390-0416 to set up your installation today.