Foam Roofing Repairs

Foam Roofing Look Like Every Other Commercial Roof When Dry

Have you been researching better options for your commercial roof? In that case, you might be interested to know more about easy-to-install, totally seamless, polyurethane foam roofing systems. Created by mixing polyol and isocyanate, this roofing style is sprayed as a liquid onto your roofing and then sealed by an elastomeric topcoat for additional resiliency. This type of roof solution is effective for commercial structures, as it provides superior protection from UV rays and exceptional leak protection thanks to the seamless application. When you need a professional foam roofing installation in San Antonio, TX, contact (210) 390-0416 to schedule your first appointment and estimate with San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc.!

Is Foam Roofing A Good Option?

In a traditional commercial roofing system, various layers of material are spread across the roof, and next to the seams are sealed tightly to prevent leaks. Though these methods are susceptible to weaker seams over time, the spray application of foam roofing removes seams completely, which offers better leak protection. Foam roofing is also simple to install around rooftop protrusions such as A/C units or vents, as it is extremely flexible, and can adhere to almost any surface. As an additional bonus, these roof systems require very little maintenance as compared to similar commercial roof materials, in addition to being incredibly lightweight, and with correct installation, a foam roofing installation can last you 20 years or longer! If you are looking for a specific type of foam roofing, we offer spray polyurethane foam, or SPF, roof installation, which varies slightly from regular foam and qualifies as an energy efficient roofing system. If you want either type of foam applied to your San Antonio, TX roof, call San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc. at (210) 390-0416.

Foam Is A Lightweight and Energy Effective Roofing Option

Affordable Foam Roof Installation

At San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc., we consistently recommend foam roofing as an affordable and effective choice for commercial roofing, that is relatively quick and easy to install. Through the lifetime of this roof system, you can reap many benefits, one of which is improved energy efficiency! This roof system works so efficiently by reflecting sunshine off of the rooftop, which causes the temperature in the building to stay cooler, leading to lower energy bills. Foam roofs last longest in hot and dry climates but can work and reflect UV rays in all temperatures. For customers that want to save up to 30% on their energy costs, foam roofing is a great place to start. Call (210) 390-0416 today for an effective foam roofing installation in San Antonio, TX, and set up your appointment with any of our professional roofers.