3-Tab Shingle Repair

3 tab shingles are the single most popular roofing option in the country and can offer protection from the elements while staying cost effective. This roofing choice is ideal for creating a unique look for your home because of its extensive variety of colors and tints. For a cost-effective roofing solution that provides quality, longevity, and resistance, call our professionals now at (210) 390-0416 to talk more about the advantages of 3-tab shingle roofs in San Antonio, TX.

What is a 3-tab Shingle

3-tab shingle roofs are named for their structure and have 3 cut tabs at the bottom to create the appearance of three individual shingles. They are also called composition shingles because they give a 3D appearance to your roof. This gives dimension and depth, as well as providing resistance against water and leaks. Sometimes, 3 tab shingles can be applied over an existing roof to save you money on tear off and disposal fees. Their ease of installation delivers quicker than normal installation times, saving you money on labor charges.

Our Team Can Install Your 3-Tab Shingle Roof When You Give Us A Call Today

3 tab shingles are one of the most cost-efficient roofing solutions and can last up to 25 years when regularly maintained. They can resist UV rays, insect and pest problems, and harsh weather conditions, and can be reinforced for extra protection. These systems can be supported with extra fortifiers like algae and mildew resistance and weather resistance and can come in many hues and textures. 3 tab shingles are a cost-efficient roofing material that’s available in multiple styles and hues. This system offers many Energy Star and Environmentally rated reinforcement options for resistance against many perils such as UV rays, weather and wind, and mold and mildew. If you want the appearance of shingles for your roof, but want a tougher option than asphalt, 3-tab shingle roof installation in San Antonio, TX is the way to go. 

Professional Service You Can Rely On

The San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc. professionals will walk you through the process, explaining each product’s benefits and downfalls, along with cost and performance to ensure your complete satisfaction. We work to deliver only the highest quality materials by growing relationships with only the leading local suppliers. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of 3-tab shingle roof installation in San Antonio, TX, contact the San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc. professionals at (210) 390-0416 for more information.