Shake Shingle Installation

If you’re searching for an appealing, rustic roof, without the maintenance and cost of wood shake shingles, speak to San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc. about our services to install synthetic shake shingles in San Antonio, TX. Synthetic shake shingles, also called synthetic wood roofs, do not require the same attention as cedar shake wood shingles and the installation process is simpler. For additional information concerning this unique roofing system, connect with our office at (210) 390-0416.

Why Pick Synthetic Shake Shingles?

Synthetic Shake Shingles Come in Tons Of Colors and Styles To Mimic Wood Types

After a cedar roof has been finished, it requires a significant amount of extra attention. In order to prevent moss and algae growth from damaging the roof, cedar shingles require cleaning every few months. Cedar shingle roofs require extra inspections to stay on top of harm caused by wood rot. Installation of wooden shakes needs unique skills to account for the fact that the shingles are going to expand over time. Synthetic shake shingles are made out of rubber and painted to look like wood. Installing a synthetic shake shingle roof doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge and typically the roof needs very little attention after it is finished. Actually, the only attention that is recommended for a synthetic shake shingle roof is an annual examination.

Bad storms don’t typically affect synthetic shake shingles. 106 mph driving rain and winds blowing 200 mph do not harm this roofing material. Fire, mold, mildew, and termites have no effect on synthetic shake shingles. Real wood roofs easily catch fire, have their shingles split or break off completely when hail or wind blows throw, and easily traps water to grow mold and algae. Choosing a synthetic shingle roof over cedar wood just makes more sense as they beat everything a wood shake roof has, including price and lifespan! With such a durable roof, you will save money on additional roofing repairs.

Set Up Your Roofing Services

When you desire a charming, homey roof that offers exceptional protection, synthetic shake shingles are a great option. San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc. has all the skills needed to install synthetic shake shingles in San Antonio, TX. Call our office at (210) 390-0416 to set up your installation today. We offer professional roofing alongside great customer service. The roofing materials we use are the highest rated products in the business.