Tile Roof Repair & Installation

Tile Roofing is a Great Option for Premium Roofing

Tile roofing comes with several benefits for a house. Aside from the visual effect, tile roofs provide homeowners with longevity and long-lasting security. San Antonio, TX has one expert when one considers tile roofing: San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc.. Keep in mind our company for tile roofing necessities such as full installation, maintenance, and service. Clay tiles look nice across a large assortment of houses and lend a touch of flair redolent of Spanish-style architecture. Concrete or slate tiles offer an aesthetically striking choice with even better durability. If you have become interested in tile roofing for San Antonio, TX, give us a ring today at (210) 390-0416.

Tile Roofing Benefits

Tile has stood as a steadily high-will need selection for residential roofs. If you ask why to remember that tile offers both comeliness and a respectable degree of longevity. If you have begun to think about a tile roof for your own house, hold the following positives in mind.

Our Roofers Are Pros At Installing Tile For Residential and Commercial Roofs

Durability: Tile roofing is renowned for incredibly durable performance, along with an impressive life span of sixty to 100 years. Updated roof tiles have become a great choice for many areas, due to engineered water dispersion as well as ventilation abilities.

Options: If you're interested in roof tiles, you'll be shown a wide variety of colors and styles to pick from, along with varying materials. Whether you prefer tiles manufactured with a particular method, or merely want to draw inspiration from different construction, tiles have what you need.

Weather-Resistant: An additional benefit of tiles arrives from their high amount of durability to bad weather and high winds. If instituted adequately, tile roofing can resist winds of up to 150 mph. This lengthy durability calls for fewer fixes from the owner of the residence, which can preserve a great deal of cash over the lengthy lives of these roofs.

Color Maintenance: Several varieties of roofs begin to seem faded long before their utility has expired. All-natural sources such as the clay blend or iron oxides supply the color for tile roofing. Because the color is imbued throughout the tile, roof tiles offer durable color that will keep your house looking sharp.

  • Ceramic Tile Ceramic tiles are one of the more affordable tile varieties and are incredibly durable in various types of severe weather.
  • Clay Tile If you need a roof with a proven track record that can withstand the tests of time, a clay tile roof won’t let you down!
  • Concrete Roof Tiles If you are considering a tile roof system, but clay tiles are above your price range, you may be interested in an affordable concrete tile roof system instead!
  • Spanish Tile Roof Repair / Replacement If you need a roof system that will improve your house’s curb appeal as well as your home’s value, you won’t go wrong with a classic Spanish tile roofing system.

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For further info on tile roofing, or to schedule maintenance or installation, contact our team now at (210) 390-0416. We offer unbeatable service that results in roofing for the ages. In San Antonio, TX, go with San Antonio Roofing Company, Inc. for all requirements with tile roofing.